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Baroque/Classical Strings

Bridgewood & Neitzert have more than 20 years experience gauging and selecting the optimal strings for a variety of instruments: baroque violin to violino piccolo, bass violin to violoncello piccolo, lirone to violone, and so on.

The process involved in selecting or matching the best strings depends upon several factors - string length, tension, pitch, how your instrument works and your own experience of existing strings.

Taking this information into account, we are able to use our knowledge of different manufacturing processes, measuring systems and string types to suggest the best strings for your instrument and offer a string set tailor made to suit your specific needs.

If possible please provide the following information:

1. Vibrating string length - from front of bridge to front of nut
(for unusual size instruments also actual length of string from tailpiece or string holder to peg.)
2. Tuning, actual or nominal
3. Reference pitch i.e. A=440 or A=415
4. Tension required, if known
5. Details of current or previous strings used (make and diameter, if known) and any problems with current stringing.

We will be pleased to advise you.
Where possible strings are dispatched same day.

We are authorized dealers for Aquila, Baroco, CHD, Damian Dlugolecki, Gamut, Kurschner, Pirastro, Pyramid, Savarez, and Sofracob.

To use this service:

To use this service please contact us:
Tel: 020 7249 9398
Fax: 020 7275 9330

(+44 if outside the UK)
Or Email:
Bridgewood & Neitzert

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