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Bridgewood & Neitzert started as makers of lutes, viols and baroque violins and have built up an extensive knowledge of the development of the violin from its beginnings to now.

Early and period instruments were not taken seriously for a long time but we have always taken them seriously. We have spent many years acquiring detailed knowledge and experience on how baroque and classical instrument work and how to adjust them to sound as good as possible.

We undertake the whole range of repairs and restorations on instruments from the more common and frequent repairs through to more extensive restoration and reconstruction.

As well as violins, violas, cellos, basses and bows, we also undertake work on early and period instruments including lutes, viols and viola d’amores.

Other Services include

Specialist String Supply
- we are the main stockists for a wide variety of specialist strings including Baroco, Dlugolecki, Kurschner, Aquila, Pyramid, Savarez, Sofracob, Pirastro and CHD.

Part exchange - we welcome part exchange. When upgrading your instrument we can often part exchange your old one or you might consider selling it on commission through us - usually a good way to maximise your profit.

Valuations - for sale, insurance, probate etc.
Upgrading - we are always available to advise.

Sale on commission - this is often the best way to maximise returns when selling your instrument.


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